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Visit Beyond Basic Learning Academy

Are you interested in signing up your child for our preschool program? Parents unfamiliar with Beyond Basic Learning Academy LLC should attend one of our Admissions Information Sessions. Please book a facility tour to schedule an appointment that works best for your schedule.

Required Supporting Documentation

We cannot process incomplete applications. A complete packet consists of the online application and the following items:

  1. A Completed Health Assessment Completed by Physician 

  2. Student Strengths and Needs Profile completed by the current Reading/English teacher and the current Math/Science teacher - younger students who have one teacher for both subjects may submit one profile

  3. Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 if applicable

  4. Speech/Language and Occupational Therapy testing, if applicable

  5. Non-refundable $50 fee

  6. Commitment to Donation 

  7. Copy of Birth Certificate

  8. Development Screening Completed by Parent 

Developmental Screening 

Beyond childcare services we are interested in the development of your child. Developmental screening is designed to identify problems or delays during normal childhood development. When properly applied, screening tests for developmental or behavioral problems in preschool children allow improved outcomes due to early implementation of treatment.

Policies and Procedures

Beyond Basic Learning Academy programs and policies are applied with equal consideration to all of its applicants and students. BBLA does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or any other status protected by applicable law. It is the policy of BBLA to provide reasonable accommodation to admitted students who meet the academic and behavioral requirements of the school. Enrollment is conditioned on the student’s ability to participate in the school’s programs, with or without reasonable accommodation. BBLA evaluates each need for accommodation on a case-by-case basis.