Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What ages are accepted at Beyond Basic Learning Academy?

We currently are accepting ages 1 years old to 12 years old. We accomadate these ages at both facilities.

What are your hours of operation?

For your childcare needs we are Monday through Friday 6am-11pm. We provide full-day care for younger and older toddlers and preschoolers. We also provide before-and-after-school care and summer camp for children who are enrolled in Kindergarten through 12 years of age. We are open Saturday and Sunday for our indoor playground. We open at 12 noon- 8pm. Hours may vary and change based on business needs vs. clients needs. Please speak with director to find out the most up to date hours available at either site.

Do you provide drop in service?

We currently do not offer drop in care/sick care. Due to regulations set forth by Department of Public Welfare we have to ensure that staff.child ratio is always maintained. Although we do not offer drop in care we do accept part-time care which must include a set schedule with hours, day, and time included.

Registering for Child Care

What do i need to have to register my family for childcare services.

Beyond Basic Learning Academy LLC requires all documentation to be completed prior to the start date of our facility. This process is seamless yet mandatory. Our director will be pleased to assist you with acquiring the paperwork to assist with your process. The registration process will require the following: Proof of income/source of income, Health and Immunization form, Immunization Record for all children being enrolled (must be completed on our form) , and Authorization for Emergency Medical Care. If your child requires medication, you will also need the Authorization for Dispensing Medication form.

How long does it take to enroll my chil(ren) at the Center?

The registration process usually takes between one to two hours. There are many forms required for the registration of your child(ren). We like to answer as many questions as possible during your enrollment and provide information on our safety procedures and other important items which are applicable at the time of registration.

Is there any fees i need to know about?

Yes there is a $25 registration. This fee is can not be waived unless you have proof that you are in the Philadelphia Career Link program. Upon gaining employment the $25 registration fee will be assessed within 30 days.

Do i need an appointment to register?

Yes. We are very attentive to the needs of our children. We require that you set an appointment to speak with our director in order to sign your family up for childcare. You may book on our website or by calling our office. We can accomadate same day appointments.


Where can I find help paying for child care?

The ELRC for Region 18 offers greater access to more services, more enhanced early learning support programs, child care needs information and community resources and referral services for families and providers in Philadelphia County. ELRC Region 18 has 3 offices in Philadelphia Main Office: 2361-2373 Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114 Satellite Office: 1701 W. Lehigh Avenue, PA 19132 Satellite Office: 5548 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19139 Telephone: (215)382-4762 Fax: (215)382-1199 Contact us or call our Hotline at 1-888-461-KIDS (5437) https://philadelphiaelrc18.org/

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept ELRC a.k.a CCIS. (please note our rates are higher than CCIS and it is the parents responsibility to pay the difference). We accept most major credit cards for payments. We accept paypal, apple pay, and cash app. Continuing tuition payments are processed through Tuition Express electronic payments. You can access a sign-up form on your Parent Resource page. We do not accept checks, money orders, or cash for payments. We do not accept any forms of payments that are not in your name (ex. No cash apps, apple pay, credit card transactions of any nature from anyone other than the parent). The authorizing person must be present and completed an authorization slip. Any fraud/suspicious transactions will be charged 75% of fee and court proceeding will take place.

What are your tuition rates?

Tuition rates vary according to the age of your child. We encourage all prospective parents to come in and tour our facilities and further discuss rates. We offer sliding fee scales, income based scholarship, and also sibling discount. Feel free to visit us schedule a tour for a time more convenient for you.

Comforting of Your Child

What methods does Beyond Basic Learning Academy LLC use for soothing my child?

During your registration process, we do an interview with you to learn the techniques you use at home to soothe your child. Whenever possible, we use the same techniques that work for your child at home. Your child can bring his/her favorite blanket to school, however their favorite toy should be left at home to prevent damage or loss of the item. We offer special events where children can share items with their classmates. All children have their own cubby for their items located in each of the classrooms.

Do you have an attendance policy if my child is sick?

Yes! We want your child to be healthy while at Beyond Basic Learning Academy LLC. To ensure he/she stays healthy, we require that children do not attend school until they are fever-free for 24-hours - this helps keep your child and their classmates healthy. The child must return with BBLA CAUGHT SICK FORM before being able to be reinstated. We want to ensure that our scholars are happy and healthy.

Health and Safety

How secure is your monitoring system?

Beyond Basic Learning Academy LLC has implemented stringent security measures to protect against unauthorized access to the classroom cameras. All of our web cam systems use encryption to protect usernames and passwords. For the protection of our children for unwanted viewers that do not have the appropriate clearances to monitor classrooms we do not offer live streaming to our classes. If parents would like to view web footage they are more than welcome to request to see footage at any time.

What is your sick policy?

To ensure he/she stays healthy, we require that children do not attend school until they are fever-free for 24-hours - this helps keep your child and their classmates healthy. Prior to being reinstated the child must have our BBLA CAUGHT SICK FORM completed (no other form is acceptable). If a parent brings there child to childcare sick and/or administer fever reducing medication to the child he/she will be suspended from childcare. If the parent continously violates our sick policy it could lead to termination.

Are my children safe from outside danger?

We have procedures in place in case of a tornado, flood or other severe weather. If weather becomes severe, we will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of children in our care. You can read more about our procedures in our Parent Handbook once enrolled. Outside Guest: When visiting the childcare facility unless BBLA is having an open house their will be no more than two guest permitted to tour our facility. Noise Level: All guest must maintain a professional tone while in our facilities. If at anytime staffor our children feel threatened we will conduct our safety plan and have the parent removed by proper authorities. We will prosecute any parent that endangers the welfare of any child within our facility. Please keep a respectable tone and deamenor at all times in front of or in our facility.