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Summer Camp

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Keystone Stars 4 Accredited Facility

Safe Operations for Your Children to Thrive in our Program

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Experienced and Degreed Teachers

State-of-the-Art, large, bright, classrooms

STEAM, art, music, library, BEAM virtual playground, bike room and more

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Our Summer Camp Features

STEM Activities

Sewing Classes

Cooking Classes

Petting Zoo

Horseback Riding

Field Trips

...And Much More!



June: Under the Sea (Students will learn about aquatic life. They are stimulated by various activities and trips concentrating on sea life. Children will also come home with their own sea animal)

July: 5 Senses (Students will learn about their 5 senses. During this month our children engage in competitive sports, cooking classes, sewing classes, and much more. We also utilize this month to engage in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic aka STEM projects.


August: Farm Life (Students will learn about various animals and how to take care of them. We will be visiting various farms to learn about crops and harvest. We will also have a live petting zoo for the children to pet animals and ride horses. What’s even better? 

About Our Summer Camp

At Beyond Basic Learning Academy LLC, We know you have options for how your children spend their summer, and we’d love to be a part of their fun and memorable experience in 2024. Beyond Basic Learning Academy is unique for many reasons, from what we do, to how we do it, and importantly – why we do it.

Our proprietary program is developed by teachers and educators. It is intentionally designed to maintain a strong learning component that ensures children feel like they've learned something at the end of each week, while not compromising on having fun.

Why our approach is uniquely different

Our summer program is crafted to build a world of joy and wonder - that puts children in charge of their day and encourages them to ask questions, determine reasons why things are the way they are, and reflect on those discoveries.

Using storytelling to spark curiosity, each week of our summer programming will launch with a special story that introduces that week's theme and relates it to a broader historic or cultural significance that will interweave into each activity. For example, the Spectacular Structures week will begin with a story expressing the fundamental need for shelter, and a brief overview of the evolution of shelter in human history. We will reflect on how humans have used our structural building knowledge to fulfill other societal needs like bridges for making travel easier, dams to control water flow and create energy, and mega structures such as the pyramids, and skyscrapers.

Students will then take this knowledge into activities, creative projects, field trips or outdoor games that build on the weekly theme. They'll build bird houses, test concepts like load weight with popsicle bridges, learn songs, and even snacks will include a story that reveals something new about their history.

The overall aim is to invoke a sense of appreciation for what has come before and create excitement toward exploring the activities and skills that will be introduced each week - while giving kids a memorable summer filled with fun and learning.




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